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Nirvana provides RM20,000 to family residing in vehicle

Richard Anderson
April21/ 2016

Living nightmare: Rengaiya, Karnagi and their son have been sleeping in their car for about two months.

PETALING JAYA: Moved by the circumstances of bloom seller R. Rengaiya and his family, who’ve been compelled to live in their automobile for nearly two months because they’re unable to pay rent, Nirvana Asia Ltd has stepped in to give RM20,000.

It ’s pitiful, particularly for the kid as he has no house to live in and no instruction,” said Kong.

That it could be directed through the authorities the business, he said, was giving the cash.

Star received the gift Media Group Berhad group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai.

Kong also expected that people and other businesses would step in and help fellow Malaysians no matter their race or faith, within their time of need.

With the latest job being the adoption of 200 pupils from San Min High School in Teluk Intan, Nirvana, he said, had put the demand to help the community as among its priorities.

Fatheris violent texts expose ‘poisonous’ environment in home ‘before he killed 6-year old child’

Richard Anderson
April20/ 2016

Ben Butler And His Daughter Ellie / Ellie Butler Has Died At Her Home In Sutton South London.

Father and a mum traded a barrage of violent texts in the months before their six-year old daughter was supposedly killed, a court has heard.

In result, Gray, also 36, did all she could to mind and please Butler, placing his needs above everyone else in the household, the court heard.

Ben Butler denies driving Gray to help him cover up the offense and then killing Ellie.

Gray and he also deny kid harshness between 1 August and 29.

In a bit of Gray’s diary with that day, regained from bins, Gray wrote that they “rowed poor”, the court heard.

Gray texted two days after: “I love U and desire U…. I never want to lose you,” just for Butler to call her “a joke”.

Butler seemed to boil “Woke up I am in a fury already… My hands are trembling… One more error Iwill lose it…”
Quenzler Art - Butler Gray Old Bailey
A handwritten note entitled “Ellie’s Behavior” was discovered at your family residence with a listing of ten points including “Lying – always lies and even for no reason”, “always manipulative”, and “believe you can not trust her”.

In August 2, her partner was told by Gray: “Just so U know – I ‘m obsessed and in awe of U! Believe U R so hit (sic) and need U to fantasy me the same X…I ‘d die for you.”

She also supposedly searched the internet for “I ‘m with a bully who beats me and tells me I ‘m ugly and fat and damages me all the time”.

Ellie missed days of school around the time she suffered in October from a broken shoulder.

But Gray extracted a sick note that Ellie had a respiratory tract infection, and neither parent took her to see her GP, Mr Brown said.

On October 14, when Ellie returned with a lump on her head to school, she told over pursuing the household’s new pup teachers she’d fallen.
Forensic police officers search bins at Shanklin Estate, Croydon,London - Re Ellie Butler murder
Gray told him that she adored him and “would expire” for him, to which he responded: “Only expire…snake bitch”, the court heard.
A Police officers outside the family home at Shanklin Estate, Croydon,London - Re Ellie Butler murder
Mr Brown told jurors that handwritten letters were located following Ellie’s departure and in one Gray prayed for Butler to adore her and “stop violence”.

A video clip was regained from your house in which Butler could be heard cursing and ranting on the telephone in front of Ellie.

Jobless Ben Butler was ‘always teetering on the edge of a violent lack of pique’ and his ‘short fuse’ controlled their ‘hazardous’ family life, jurors were told.

He was the only mature at their house in Sutton, south London, when he supposedly flew into a fury and caused ‘devastating head injuries’ to Ellie on 28.

“The deadly injuries were inflicted by choice upon that young girl, maybe in a short but nonetheless dreadful second.”

Jennie Gray, Ellie’s mom, and Butler’s partner was supposedly phoned from her work as a graphic designer in a office building – where they’re standing trial.

The pair maintained Ellie had been the victim of a terrible accident and they’d discovered her like that after Gray returned home.

“The awful the fact is the scene was staged by the defendants.

“What they said in those seemingly crazy minutes and which they continued to assert was also staged.

“This was a planned, carefully coordinated and complex coverup, designed entirely to mislead and divert focus in particular away from Ben Butler.

“In fact Ellie had endured the dreadful head injuries she’d at the hands of Butler.”

She also suffered bruising to distinct parts of her body including marks under her jaw, consistent with fingertip marks that were grasping.

Mr Brown said that Butler understood what he called and had done Gray back to your house shortly after the assault, which could have been two hours before the emergency services were called.

The court heard that in that time they organized their lying narrative for the external world and attempted to destroy evidence.

The coverup called for staging the scene with attempts dump signs in the communal dustbins at Westover Close, ruin files and to wash clothes.

In addition they sent texts to demonstrate everything was entirely normal in the hour before they each put on ‘the desperate urgency’ .

“For all that time while the defendants busied themselves Ellie Butler was lying in among the rooms for the reason that house almost surely dead,” said Mr Brown.

“The terrible reality is that both defendants place themselves before the well being or dignity of that little girl with Jennie Gray seeking to shield the guy, who you’ll hear, had major control over her, emotionally and often physically.”

“In respect of Butler, that is a narrative of a skeptical and considered misrepresentation directed by a guy acting to save himself,” he continued.

Butler is accused of killing his daughter and the couple a kid cruelty charge associated with a broken shoulder bone is faced by both endured by Ellie in the weeks before she expired.

“However it was caused, the signs is that harm would happen to be extremely painful for Ellie and clearly so to the parents in whose attention Ellie was at that time,” said Mr Brown.

Jurors were told of the ‘really upsetting’ image within the family in the weeks and months leading up to the departure of Ellie.

The relationship between Gray and Butler was’ hazardous and dysfunctional’ and ‘dominated by an angry, self centred and tempered guy’, it was said.

Gray was the single-breadwinner and ‘distressed to please’ her associate, who she set above everything else in her life, including Ellie, the jury heard.

“The evidence implies that Butler was a guy who was frequently at the very end of his tether.”

The court heard how he refused to accept the practicalities of looking after a child and his duties whilst Gray was at work.

60Minutes situation: family unit members of team that is arrested wish to go Lebanon

Richard Anderson
April19/ 2016

Troubled relatives of the arrested 60Minutes team wish to go Lebanon to supply assistance in a transfer thought to be from Channel Eight bosses’ guidance.

Colin Chapman established on Friday he’d experienced connection with some family unit members who thought about the journey. Provide every other specifics or he dropped to express who approached him.
The 60 Minutes team in custody in Lebanon: Tara Brown, David "Tangles" Ballment, Stephen Rice and Ben Williamson.
Chapman, who claims he’s carried four kid recoveries out in Lebanon, continues to be openly pressing for that households to check out Beirut to supply a humanising picture of the team.

He’s completed numerous interviews asking why Eight has not flown over the households.

“The tradition around there’s very household-focused plus they have to know these folks have households,” he explained.

In a rough begin to a happy family gathering, South Sudan

Richard Anderson
April19/ 2016


South Sudan, 18 May 2016 – therefore does Changkuoth Whilst The plane lurches forward. Nothing might have prepared him. Certain, it’s his very first time flying, but it’s likewise who – awaits him or what –. Turmoil, 13 tore apart 2 yrs after their household – his siblings and year-old Changkuoth is likely to be reunited with their parents.

He laughs. He understands they’ll not need neglected his experience, although he’s developed.

“It’s an experience that is fantastic. I’m not actually very unhappy since I’m likely to observe PA and mother today claims, his grin rising.

Instantly, chaos. A common view is spotted by Changkuoth’s cousin out the screen. They’re house.

Missing a love

TUNICEF Imagehat day in Bor, 17 additional kids and Changkuoth sat within the messy and short UN Safety of Civilians website, awaiting the vehicle to consider them towards the airport. “We initially were introduced below for college,” he claims. The turmoil that was “Then emerged in 2013. Since that time I haven’t been at all.” in contact with my parents

The fighting in South Sudan started right before the Holiday holidays. If their parents in Akobo were living with no way of conversation, they’d no thought. Companions and UNICEF have authorized 000 kids like Changkuoth, over 12 since 2013 for family reunification.

Their sibling Nyaneada that is little misses her mom. “I remember my mom used-to make the breakfast and lunchtime was prepared,” she says when I got house. “My mom used to take care of me. I really quit thinking I’d actually move house and become reunited with my mother.”

Nyaneada knows when she comes in Akobo precisely what she’ll do: then, and First she’ll embrace her mom she’ll search for the closest college. She really wants to be considered a trainer and teach all of the women in her town while she matures.

An homecoming

The environment is electrical in the airstrip in Akobo wherever grandma and the parents are waiting. It appears as though the whole neighborhood has emerge to welcome the 18 kids which are not undue home today. The atmosphere is watched by everybody.
Once she catches view of the airplane, Nyaneada’s and Changkuoth grandma Nyachol can’t include her pleasure and starts to party and perform, with holes running along her experience.

“It got quite a long time to me to make the journey to observe these kids , I cried and bouncing and operating to accept them. I didn’t believe these kids might still not be dead. We now have trust that additional households who’re lacking their kids might find their kids return home.”

After an emotional gathering saturated in hugs holes and laughs, home is gone by the kids.

Expect the near future

“I desired to jump from the airplane after I noticed Akobo,” admits 15- the oldest sibling within the household, year-old Jai. They’re all more enjoyable since they’re in knowledge and the peace of the household substance. “This is just a large change for all of US. to wherever we were different and today we’re back with this parents. Excited I’m truly thankful to everybody who created this happen.” and to become with my whole household

Within the couple of years Jai has turned into a father like number during challenging situations, particularly to his siblings. Today he moves house-to-house appealing neighbors and old buddies to some party later that evening in honor of the kids.

Return them and “I wish to assist other children. I’ll let them know that it may occur. Since it happened to me.” I understand

Your Little Cousin evaluation – an ideal face of family living

Richard Anderson
April15/ 2016

Babes in a shrinking wood … Our Little Sister

His sweetly tender film from Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda is unassuming and unforced, celebrating the best thing about nature and family love and discreetly discovering fine notes of confidence and affirmation. It’s watercolour film in the classic “family play” vein which you may connect with Yasujirô Ozu, with nothing watery about it, last year, though in dialogue at Cannes – where I saw this – I was told by the director his motivation was more Mikio Naruse.

Sachi (Haruka Ayase) is a nurse in the neighborhood hospital: lovely, poised but emotionally frozen, unhappily in an affair with a married physician. She’s lately been offered promotion, which will mean working in the terminal ward – totally reasonable of rewarding and honourable the occupation is, but unhappily conscious of it being threatening for her.
Watercolour cinema with nothing watery about it … Our Little Sister
All three have been estranged from both parents. Their dad left them to live with another girl, with whom he had a kid before continuing forward to wife number three. Their mom walked out, also, leaving them in young adulthood in your family house. However, when they receive news of the dad’s departure and visit the funeral, they meet their sweetly capturing adolescent halfsister Suzu (Suzu Hirose) and determine on the spot that she must return and dwell together.

Their little sister that is new is a complex wonder in their own lives: they are diverted by her, pleases them, nearly just like a grownup smasher. She’s happy in her new house, unusually well adjusted and happy at school. They love looking after her and adore Suzu; she gives them a fresh form of private direction as well as a fresh purpose in life, and her existence reminds them of their particular orphaned scenario smashers in a slowly decreasing wood in their very own making, and weirdly infantilised existence. Suzu might really be making this worse. Before she showed up, they were becalmed and stagnant. Are their lives going back?

This is a lavishly satisfying picture, bringing in the timeless vision in the Japanese provincial family play: discussions linking food and family, group meals, and rural train journeys, bucolic that are thoughtful walks uphill – denoting humility and patience – melancholy funerals and a few excellent seasonal compositions.

Family improvements forever

Richard Anderson
April14/ 2016

God healed a Muslim woman and the miracle led to her family's conversion to Christianity (WordPress).

LA, CA (Catholic Online) – From her house in the Middle East, the actual name of Falida, whose, discussed the story of her mom, who became rather sick.

Take the Prayer Trivia Quiz!

Without one and nowhere else to turn, among Fadila’s brothers set out and returned to their house with “men of God” who’d “gifts of healing.”

Believing the “men of God” were also Muslim, the family consented to permit them to pray over their mum.

Fadila described, “One guy prayed. I felt uneasy, as it was different than Muslim du’a (prayer). In the name of Jesus he prayed to treat my mom.”

Fadila became angry when it had been found the guys were Christians. She ordered them out of her house and her mom fought to rise from your bed as the guys started to leave.
Her mom said she saw Jesus as the guys prayed, and that her touched with nail-pierced hands.

“She requested the pastor to excuse me [for telling them to go away] and additionally requested him to pray for my brother who’s an alcoholic,” Fadila said.

They prayed for her brother, who came to Christ, repented and subsequently admitted his sins.

Though it’s not safe, Fadila denoted her family continues to be reading the Bible and praying in their own time. Sadly, her stepmother has begun to threaten to report them.

“We request prayers,” Fadila included.
Thanks for blessing them with adoration and beliefs for the Holy Scriptures as well as you personally. Please shield them, Father, from persecution and discovery. Touch the stepmother of Fadila and bring her nearer to you.

We thank you, Lord, to your mercy, forgiveness and love. We request that you simply continue to distribute your Truth through revelations and wonders on the other side of the Middle East. Bring your kids strength and wisdom to endure scenarios that are out in their management

Help them to manage any scenario in ways which will bring glory to your own name, and also to trust in you, Father.


Straightforward Home Improvement Project Schemes For Security

Richard Anderson
February18/ 2016

Home Improvement

Let us face it- offense will be here to remain. Frequently, children and simple homeowners experience the worst of crime. Theft is simply one kind of crime. Imagine if the theft becomes something worse, like all-out arson or homicide?

The alarm could have a wired or cell phone sort wireless communication link to an external contact, and has a keypad used to input a password to arm and disarm the device, lights to tell which window or door is opened.

You’ll be driving there with your board unless you happen to be walking distance to the shore. Autos attached with snowboard stands really are a typical sighting in Glendale and Huntington Beach. So long as you get a lock stand then there should not be a trouble, although they could appear to be easy targets. Your body attached to your own car or truck, simply together with your key do you want to have the ability to have the board will be securely kept by the lock rack.

You most likely require a converter or recorder, should you update your old cassettes. This technique isn’t the least expensive using the cost around $320, but nonetheless, it just may be the most easy and will definitely help you save time. Mix players can be found that have VHS player and a DVD recorder collectively that immediately makes copies. No editing is necessary for all these conversions.

What I found was with this business that is new I really could get paid my customer’s telecommunications and energy bills. I believed, ‘where the hell have I been?’ I understood in the event the typical customer added up how much they spent on: cellphone/local & long distance, high speed internet, satellite television, mobile phone(s), home automation, gas and electricity, many would say they are close to if not over a $1000.00/month. I really could bring in up to about $100/month, every month on only one customer or 10% every month! And I Have had thousands of customers! Then I understood, ‘Who better to catch these customers only when these services are needed by them ? ‘ An insurance agent is getting the majority of their new customers only when they’re moving into a brand new house. Plus they must register for services that are these.

When you should find out what’s happening at your rental property, your second house or your vacation home do it with distant Internet surveillance. This enables one to be literally two locations at the same time.

You can even get any decal kind window stickers to be matched by the lawn signs also. It’s extremely crucial that you ensure the lawn and window signs match. You’ve got simply tipped off a potential burglar which you actually would not have a security system, when they wouldn’t fit.